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scheme of fraud, lies, and false identities. >> the biggest victim, shirley wong. they stole three condos from here. lum forced her deeds, transfering them to a shell corporation and took out millions in loans on the properties. the dave his conviction, saw shaw was out on bail of $1 million. the next day, he disappeared and later arrested in watsonville. >> there were criminals in and this is the kind stuff almost good for a movie script. right? >> when the judge sentencing shaw to 20 years this turned out to be the biggest white collar crime case ever in the history of the san francisco district attorney's office. >> sky 7 hd got this video of a car that went over an
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enbankment. a mother and 3-year-old daughter were inside of the car as it was traveling near the spring valley golf course. the mother lost control. the car slid into a ditch. the two were taken to the hospital and their condition is not known tight an overturned suv snarled traffic this afternoon. here is the view from sky 7 hd as a ramp the driver likely misjudged sharpness of the curve and flipped the car. all lanes have been cleared and are now reopened. >> details about a pleasanton preschool teach year accused of tying up a toddler because the toddler would not take a nap. the district attorney will decide if the teacher should face criminal charges. the teacher resigned in january. the teacher showed a photo in a social gathering.
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>> a police officer is recuperating after being bitten by a dog at golden gate park. this picture was posted to our facebook page. the officer says he was checking on a person and the pit bull mix lunged at him and bit his leg. april happening now, the city council getting ready to consider a plan to help land the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. >> abc 7 news has been crunching numbers and is live for us now with this story. david? >> we know santa clara has new 49ers stadium. now, it has to make major financial concessions to the nfl to get the super bowl. they're meeting tonight at 6:30 in order to sign a thick stack of agreements.
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>> nfl are great negotiator autos that may be a kind way of putting it. the nfl is control of the game, laying out demands they must make. the concession santa clara must wake include waiving the hotel tax on 350 rooms for nfl staff. waiving the 10% ticket surcharge going towards debt service on the stadium and waiving a fee funding seen skbrer youth programs and waiving a parking fee covering what the city spends on police, fire and traffic control services. no one2ouc!!rvñ calculated publc safety costs oo. it was our intention to make sure we walkway putting on a great show. and making sure we come out whole in this process. and being reimbursed in efforts. >> the tax waiver sounds like
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a concession but let's crunch the numbers. 350 rooms are involved. the tax is $14.25 translating into a $5,000 loss per night. hotels say they'll be booked. there are 2300 hotel rooms within two miles of the stadium. the totel tax on the rooms would offset the tax break. the hilt n onsanta clara sits adjacent to the new stadium and general managers have seen impact of the super bowl. >> i did the super bowl. it was rams and titans and that gave us a record month, far and away, crushed any numbers that hotel had done in the past for the month. >> seniors and young people facing a small risk of losing revenue. during regular season, sales are expected to generate all but $25,000 of the funds.
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so that means only one playoff game would generate enough money to make that up. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell what you santa clara knows about what the competition is offering to win the super bowl. >> thank you, david. >> three vendors will voon a new home. city officials announced today that vendors will be allowed to set up trailers at north corner of bankroft way and college avenue. >> a massive crowd of 200,000 people packed st. peter's square to catch a glimpse of the man that will now lead the world's catholic autos the pilgrims came to greet pope francis on the first official day of his papacy. he rode in an open air jeep. the pontiff got off the jeep
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to bless a man with disabilities. there, you can see him kissing a crying baby. >> winter not going quietly. as much of 10 inches of snow fell in boston today. >> there has been more snow than usual in boston,. >> plenty of snow blanketed communities north of new york city. neighbors there say they're tired of shoveling snow. they're looking forward to start of spring. >> this doesn't look like start of spring. ugly day across mississippi. hail as large as baseballs pound that had region, damaging cars and some had windshields blown n take a look at that. crews answered hundreds of calls and wild weather forced schools to cancel classes in several counties. >> happening now in san francisco, city supervisors considering a plan to change a street named for a nobel peace
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prize winner. >> it's between grove and heys street. city now considering renaming street because of homophobic comments made by name sake. abc 7 news with the story. >> it's just a one block alley. when dedicated back in 1986 there was a celebration honoring the founder of the solidarity labor movement and at the nobel peace prize winner. the supervisor wants his name removed after valenza went on a rant about gays in the parliament saying they should quote, sit in the back. >> we started to receive calls and e mails asking us if we'd consider renaming what is the
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alley considering san francisco is a beacon for lgbt community. >> one main tentant is a health center, a transgender clinic. the name change will be veted by several city agencies as well as the public. tonight at 6:00 reaction from the polish american community in this town, what does labor think about stripping a sign from an icon. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 announcement that could mean the end of a bay area drug company following a recall. >> plus, a shear problem causing trouble for a popular yoga store. why things are getting worse today. >> new at 4:30 san francisco teen teams up with health experts warning against energy drinks.
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action they want the fda to take. >> michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here live in just a few minutes. you can contact michael on and on twitter at m finney. >> taking a look at the san francisco skyway, it's a slow commute into and out of san francisco right now. particularly tough for drivers on the left side of the screen trying to make their way east adros cross the bay bridge. the news
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a california patrol officer received a top law enforcement award for a heroic deed. he was named nation's top trooper by international association of police cheifs. he was the partner of fallen chp officer ken onyoung storm shot and killed in september 2012. carlton returned fire, killing the gunman ux 36-year-old christopher lacey. the panel said officer carlton explained extreme courage. >> there is uncertainty over the future of a palo alto based pharmaceutical company after it's only product has been pulled off the market. they plan to layoff 75% of the work force after the recall of its anemia drug. there are reports several patients died after taking this. a spokesperson says remaining employees will be working on a follow up investigation. the drug hailed a break
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through in april because it required less frequent dosing. >> shares of high end clothing retailer lulu lemon took a hit after the company pulled a brand of yoga pants off store shelves because they can be see through. shares dropped 6% today. lulu lemon expects to take the loss of the product making up 17% of the company sales, it's the first such recall issued by the company. >> other business news, samsung says it's got a watch in the works and deeb yea yeah -- ebay makes big changes to the fee structure. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, move over, apple. samsung working on a smart watch, too. the mobile vice president says the company is preparing products for the future and a watch is one of them.
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this after sources say apple is working on a watch-like device that will perform similar functions. eric schmidt calling on india to ease sensorship on the internet. schmidt made the statement in the op-ed in the times of india. some troubling numbers for pc market. ivc the cutting shipments for 2% for the first quarter, expecting sales to fall about 10 p%. sales slumped in february. china accounted for 21% of the global pc shipments last year. a mixed close for stocks. the bloomberg silicon valley index qlor on shares of oracle and apple. ebay is overhauling it's
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seller fees as it tries to lure third party merchants away from amazon. it gives discounts to top-rated sellers. the changes will be rolled out over the next few weeks. in san francisco, i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. carolyn, larry, back to you. >> we're following breaking news out of san jose now. a water main break is causing traffic headaches. the water department as you can see, mopping upt mess right now. >> the flooding caused story road to be shut down. water service has not been affected. you can get updates any time by following us on twitter. >> spencer christian is off. jand patel is here. >> and spring is around the corner. >> it's not going to. it's going to get cooler and we're going to need umbrellas for the first day of spring. live doppler 7 hd, what it
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looks like right now. there is a lot of moisture in the clouds. some reaching the ground. not all of sit making it. i want to show you what is off the coastline. we do have a band of rain. right now, we're seeing some very light rurnz around lake port. light rain at this hour. taking new closer, between jenner and guerneville you'll notice light showers around highway 116. i would keep umbrellas handy if i were you. clouds are gathering. san francisco 57 now. 62 in oakland. 65 degrees. temperatures have been comfortable. from our sutro camera, you can see skies are cloudy. santa rosa, 62 degrees. livermore, 66 degrees, here is a look at what is coming up. scattered showers tonight,
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periods of rain for spring z a windy pattern setting up thursday and friday. so this is a cold front approaching. we're seeing moisture ahead of the cold front. not all is reaching the ground. scattered showers for evening. very light initially. then, looking at our animation here, wide spread at 7:00 p.m. light rainfall could be moderate in pockets. then, heading into 5:00 a.m. morning commute, scattered showers. at least the start of it at 5:00 a.m. we'll see a cold front coming through. it begins to fall apart. not a lot to it. scattered showers behind this system. through thursday morning sheer what we're expecting in terms of rainfall. up to an inch in central bay and south bay. about 5/100ths to 15/100ths of rain.
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so we need moisture here in the bay area, we're going to be getting it. some areas getting upper 40s to mid-50s, comfortable start with the rain. tochl afternoon, you'll need umbrella was scattered showers around. a cooler day. low 60s oakland palo alto. san jose, 64. we'll call periods of rain for wednesday. mostly sunny skies, a little bit milder thursday, friday. but will be windy, winds dropping off over the weekend. and we'll enjoy a nice, mild spring weekend. >> thank you. >> coming up next fit for a princess. >> yes. the big buzz that princess diana's dresses raised today. >> did you ever wonder what difference is between a school
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of fish and fish school?
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10 of princess diane's gowns pulled in $1.2 million today, sold to bidders from around the world. carey tailor says the dresses were not cleaned since she wore them and one a green
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dress this, one has a mark may have been left by a tiny royal. >> it's simple play dress but has what looks like a little child hand print just on the skirt down here. so many people have sur mis mized it's a prince's hand saying no, don't go mommy. i want you to stay. >> a famous gown is that she wore dancing with john travolta. that went for $363,000. the auction house did not reveal the name of the buyer. he bought it to cheer up his wife. >> sofia vergara wants a baby, too. >> the 40-year-old revealed she's taking hormone pills and injections to freeze her eggs she is dating 37-year-old nick lobe. he says they're talking about starting a family. >> vergara does have a
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21-year-old sfron a previous marriage in columbia. >> all right wex know celebrities can dance but how about dive? >> how about flop? >> a former secret service agent has to save the president from terrorists. last night, we found out how close the portrayal was to real life. >> we screened this in washington. i was surrounded by ambassadors and journalists government officials. they loved it see if you love it when the movie opens in theaters friday. tonight check out splash a new celebrity diving competition show. >> this is scarier than i thought. i never knew i had this much
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fear of heights until now. it's crazy. >> catch action from "splash" premiers tonight at 8:00 here on abc. last night was the premier of "dancing with the stars". the lowest score went to dl hugly. >> i was never confident. i'm going to do better next week. >> catch a look at week one tonight at 9:00 on abc. for post show interviews go to >> still ahead a somber anniversary. how the bay area is honoring those killed in iraq 10 years since the war started. >> defiant behavior of an 18-year-old in court as he's sentenced for killing three students in
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president ob yumma about to leave on a trip to the middle east. the white house says the visit will be geared towards winning hearts and minds of the israeli people. it include several symbolic
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stops. the president set to meet with israeli prime minister and then meet with palestinian's president before heading to jordan. the president expected to talk about the conflict with the leaders, the white house says there will be no significant announcements on the peace process. >> on capitol hill today a key piece of gun control legislation that would have banned assault weapons died in the senate. it's part of a larger gun control package will c senate majority leader told feinstein the ban would fall well short of the 60 votes. senator feinstein released this statement saying quote i regret i i tried my best. but my best, i guess wasn't good enough. >> and an ohio teenager convicted of killing three classmates sentenced to life without chance of parole
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today. tj lane pleaded guilty to killing three students and injuring three others in a cleveland suburb, today, he removed a collared shirt to reveal a tee shirt with the word killer in the front. he laughed and smiles as victims' families described him as a monster, lane cursed at families of the victims, and gave them the finger. >> the fbi launching a campaign recovering art from one of the biggest heights in -- heists in the last 25 years. masterpieces valued at $500 million were stolen from a boston museum 23 years ago yesterday. the fbi says it know who's the thieves are but doesn't know where the art is. agents hope this campaign from the museum will lead to the return of the art work. fbi won't identify the thieves but says there are members of an organized crime group and
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can't be arrested now because the statute of limitations has run out. >> 10 years ago today the u.s. began invasion of iraq. >> 4400 americans died in fighting and hundreds of billions spent in the cost of caring for veterans will continue to rise. >> mark matthews is here with a look back. >> the bay area was on front lines of the antiwar and the front line, for the invasion. >> if there are three months leading up to the war, hundreds of thousands marched to protest the war. >> lots of rocks and bricks thrown. >> on the day u.s. began bombing bagged dad, they were embedded with a company from california. >> very little time and discussing what is going on back home.
4:31 pm
td unit i was with was abandoned in the desert for 30 days. >> the ground invacation began, his company encountered tanks but within hours there is no resistance. >> we started to run into some troops waving flags. they rolled into baghdad. two days later, he says, rioting or looting began. >> we can see fires. people pounding on gates staying come out and arguing orders to stay in a defensive position not to move out on the streets. >> for sarey it was a turning point in the war. another came the day saddam hussien was captured. that is the day, he says, the insurgency started. >> driving back from tikrit after covering the capture our vehicle shot up on the way
4:32 pm
back to baghdad. so we realized now, things were changing dramatically. >> he says the failure to mind nuclear weapons of mass destruction didn't take a toll in that first wave, that came later along with questions about what was being accomplished. that is a story we're working on for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> mark, we'll see you then. a group of vet transturned a plaza in front of the federal building into a personal canvas today, using chalk to write the names of u.s. solders. they sate war isn't over for those involved in this 10-year conflict. they apoll jidz for the invasion. >> this is a message to iraqi children who have had their mother or father taken from them, i'm sorry. >> the group wants the federal government to increase funding for veteran services. they want those responsible for the invasion to be held
4:33 pm
accountable for human costs of the war. >> a pakistani teenager many viewed as a hero returned to school. these are pictures of the 15-year-old walking to school today in birmingham, england. she was shot in the head in pakistan by militants angered by her campaign for ed being rights for girls. she had surgeries including two resparing -- repairing her shattered skull. she began walking last month. >> the white house says it's optimistic the annual easter egg roll will take place this year. administration confirms it's alerted all easter egg roll ticket holders it might be cancellinged at the last minute if a deal is not reached. white house says it's only a precaution. >> because it's looking like there is progress being made and nobody expects a government shut down that we have every expectation with the roll will proceed as
4:34 pm
planned. >> earlier the white house suspended public tours because it forced spending cuts that took affect march 1. >> up next a frosty treat the pandas in san francisco zoo enjoyed today. >> yes. a close encounter with whales, what experts say about the mammals' behavior. >> 7 on your side is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions. you can contact me at finney abc 7. i'll answer questions here live later. >> and i'm sandhya patel from our mount tamalpais camera you can see clouds gathering light showers in the north bay. rest of the bay area gets wet tonight and really hang on to umbrellas tomorrow, i'll have a look coming up.
4:35 pm
>> and taking a look at traffic now this is mcarthur maze. those drivers heading east it's very slow going as they creep off the maze there. perhaps a little bit better for drivers on the right, far right heading into san francisco. stay with us. abc 7 n
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whale watchers got an amazing show in dana point on sunday. two gray whales cozied up to a small boast. the tour boat captain said he'd never seen such a show of mating behavior in 13 years he's been leading tours in the area. he says whales would approach and go under them sometimes moving the vessels nothing them just a little bit. >> here is a record you may able to get behind. >> 290 people set a world record for skiing in a long line. extremely slowly. they held a rope and inched down the course. they didn't set speed records. the previous record of 250 seers was at the same location last year. >> that have is a record? i mean, come on.
4:39 pm
the pandas at the zoo had a snow day today. 8 month month panda didn't seem to enjoy it much. just to get out of the snow. >> her name translates into little gift. she made a debut in january. san diego is one of four zoos to participate in this loan program with china look. she's on top. >> only about 1600 pandas believed to be left in the wild in china. >> not a big fan of the snow. >> no. i'm with her. >> tracking showers now, light up in the north bay. and taking you in closer you'll notice right returns around calistoga road. we're going to see sprinkles or light rain.
4:40 pm
it will get wetter around novato. highway 101 seeing sprinkles. we're expecting temperatures 39 degrees nationally in boston tomorrow afternoon, snow showers there. miami temperatures 85 st. louis. seattle, 51 degrees, sierra nevada above 7,000 feet. lake tahoe under wind advisory of gusty winds. 47 yosemite. los angeles 72 with cloud cover. 51 in eureka. here in the bay area, you'll need umbrellas, temperatures running cooler, mid-50s to about the mid-60s. and i would hang on to umbrellas for the first day of spring tomorrow. as we're going to see scattered showers continuing into the evening hours.
4:41 pm
then, put umbrella ways and enjoy weather for the rest of the week. >> thank you. >> up next, tuberculosis cases on the rise in one city. and health experts are worried about one group. >> san francisco joins a big effort warning against energy drinks. what they want the government to do. >> i'm michael finney. direct tv charging customers extra for a regional sports fee. is that legal? the answer is coming up.
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statue of liberty set to greet visitors again. the interior department announced rib liberty island reopens to the public july 4. the storm caused major flood together landmark. three fourths of the 12 acre island was inundated by flood water and power systems destroyed by the water, lady liberty was spared from damage. >> checking healthy rifing news this afternoon, san francisco health officials are worried about a 20% jump in the number of tuberculosis cases in the city. this, infections down state wide. the health department held screenings for students today in city college part of world tv day.
4:45 pm
officials say cuts and a shortage put the city in a critical point. >> our reserves have gone to the point it's taking us too long to get to our investigations and therefore, there is more transmission that is being aloud. >> it can remain dormant for years. asian and latino immigrants makeup the largest number of infections in san francisco. san francisco city attorney stepping up a campaign against energy drinks today, herera joined 18 scientists urging the fda to take steps to protect children and teens from highly caffeinated energy drinks and shows deaths of 18 people have been linked to the consumption of the the drinks. herera began an investigation of monster energy demanding
4:46 pm
evidence to substantiate claims the caffeine in the products are safe for adolescents and akumt autos march madness is here, st. mary's kicks off the ncaa tournament in just hours. this is a tournament playing game. if they win, they'll join the field of 64 then play university of memphis thursday. the game starts at 6:10 p.m. on true tv. if you can find it i say... good luck to you. >> michael fin gee here now answering questions you sent him first one comes from a twitter user who asked. can my managed plan bill me nine months later? this is so frustrating with
4:47 pm
lauls we have around insurance there is not a requirement that a doctor or hospital bill new a timely order. people get a bill two, three years later. legal. do have one shot of being able to deal with. first is many companies have a deal that say they have to bill timely so. i want you to go to the state. you can go to the department of managed health and ask for help, often, they can help out. >> one twitter user wants to know i sent a money orderer to a company that they say they never received it but it was cashed. >> if you have the receipt you can go to the post office or tell them you want that tracked and make sure it got cashed. then, go back and go, okay,
4:48 pm
here is the money order, here is the proof. you cashed it. >> all right. >> keeler m wrote i am being charged $2 per month for a sports fee. >> if you look you can see they're charging you $2 more, new subscribers going to be charged $3 more, only way around this that i know of and we talked to folks down there is that you can get an entertainment only package. but then, you don't pay sports fee autos this is a controversial situation. a lot of people want to push for ala cart pricing with cable. i don't know. >> yes. let's say you're stuck. >> right now the way the system is set up have you to pay. they do have way to get out of it with them. >> at least you can get out.
4:49 pm
some just include so much. so much you don't want. so maybe that would be better. >> coming up next at 4:00 they stepped in. when elephant fuel bombs are out for the picture. >> the reasons they're busy at this time of the year at marine mammal center. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 a look at iraq war vets on this 10th anniversary of the skbar biggest obstacles they face when leaving into the military. two major provider as nounsd preperks that could be
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4:52 pm
seal pupping season under way in the marine mammal center putting word out to beach goer ootz center caring for a dozen pups. wayne, you visited the center
4:53 pm
today. >> i did indeed. the view behind me is magnificent from a human perspective. but it's still very rough out there if you're wildlife. and those elephant seals, in particular they're pufing. if they're left whind their mothers they may have a tough go of it unless they get help. these are the utterances. at the marine mammal center the signs of progress this time of the year. >> my perspective is that this is an animal needs our helping it out. >> p if charles darwin spoke of natural selection, it's give natural selection a chance. >> it's humans interfering. >> it's pupping season. 19 elephant seals here, more on the way from as far as southern california. >> this morning we picked up
4:54 pm
six animals. >> barbara coordinates the process. challenging based on comments her staff collected from would be rescuers. they're posted on the wall. >> one. >> he's digging his own grave. >> elephant seals mount on the beach. >> mom left them a whiling agrow. mom nurses them, 28 days then, she takes off. the babies have to figure out what to do from there. >> leaving a process called fish school. sheri wril rily is teaching a seal to chase, and then, eat hering. >> the animal needs to know this is what he's interested nchl he doesn't understand that. >> but it does know when sheri finishes with him. she's a nurse in real life, for humans. sheri is a patient woman until hearing a baited question. >> what do you say to hering people?
4:55 pm
>> the herring sympathizers? >> we want 20,000 pounds, please. >> larry, carolyn, i know you're asking what are those little things on the heads? those are tracking devices they put them on there and then, they stay on there they can see where these animals go. another note if you do see one of these marine mammals on the shore, last thing they want to do is pet it. they're cute. only until they bite you. call the marine mammal center. they have 200 volunteer that's will do whatever is necessary. live from fort baker wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you, wayne, good advice there. they look like seal taxi autos yes. it's odd and makes sense. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> larry, carolyn, thank you.
4:56 pm
weapons banish yued by the pentagon after seven marines die near reno. we're live tonight with the latest on this investigation into what went wrong. >> also, san francisco police explained why they had to shoot and kill a dog in dolden -- golden gate park. >> i'm sandhya patel. live doppler 7 tracking spotty showers now. i'll let you know when steady rain will arrive, coming up. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jenning autos we're going to begin with the investigation into a military tragedy on american soil that killed seven marines it happened during a training exercise at hawthorne army depot in western nevada. several marines injured and taken to the hospital. >> well, any explosion by a mortar can kill or maim. remember, it's a weapon of war. survivors taken here to
4:57 pm
renowned regional medical center, last word, three are in serious condition. another z.last one has been released. something at live training exercise at the hawthorne army depot in nevada high desert went wrong. seven marines from camp lejeune, north carolina killed and another seven, injured. they fired a 60 millimeter mortar last night. like shown in this video there are usually three to four soldiers present but because it's training more people may have been around to observe. >> the cause of the accident is under investigation. let me tell what you we know at this time. the unit participating in a mountain exercise conducted at the mountain warfare training center. >> survivors taken where the patients under 30, are, or
4:58 pm
were being treated for penetrating trauma, fractures and vascular injuries. >> it's real bad. >> retired marine ernie flores has gone through similar training. >> mortar you take a round and just drop it into the tube. the tube is normally pointed where we need it to be going. and it's just crop drops in and pops off he thinks the accident may have been caused by a bad round. the marines have suspended use of 60 millimeter mortar rounds from the same lot that were used last night. that includes the all training in us us and war in afghanistan. >> instead of the round taking the charge and then, shooting off, it's just taking the charge, and went off. >> people don't realize. >> this retired navy man had to use a stim lar mortar during his career. >> when you handle a mortar were you worried?
4:59 pm
>> always, too close to me.. >> military will release names of solders after families have been notified. there will be a memorial service to honor them at hau horn. >> in lafayette thousands of crosses mark the deaths in iraq and afghanistan. since then, 6700 soldiers lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan. the crosses creator says the hillside has taken on that role. >> there was initially talk about soldiers being upset we're hurting morale but over time, i found it's just the opposite. that i have been contacted by a number of soldiers directly or indirectly who have told me they're happy we had put

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